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Diploma in Pharmacy

Diploma in Pharmacy is a short-range course for aspirants who want to start their career in the field of pharmacy. Instead of doing long-term courses in the pharmacy domain, the D. Pharm course is the ideal choice for a student who wants a quick start in their pharmacy career.


Course Overview

Pursuing D. Pharm can be a good beginning to understanding the fundamentals of the pharmacy programs and then pursuing advanced courses like B. Pharm, M.Pharm & Pharm.D. A diploma in Pharmacy covers fundamental Pharmacy Education including the application of chemistry in the pharma industry, theoretical & practical concepts of biochemistry, pharmacology, and toxicology. The course enables the students to study about different chemical salts, their application, and their uses in medicine. The program holds fine significance in the pharmaceutical industry.

Course Fees


  1. First Year: Sixty thousand rupees (Rs. 60,000) per annum (academic year)

  2. Second Year: Sixty thousand rupees (Rs. 60,000) per annum (academic year)

  3. Total fees for the duration of the course: One lakh twenty thousand rupees (Rs.1,20,000)


Examination Fees are NOT included in the above-mentioned fee structure, they are to be added separately. 

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